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Customized business documentation for corporations and non-profits



You may have developed or inherited internal documents for your organization. But are they sufficient? We'll review what you have in place and make recommendations for updates and additions. We'll also prioritize these projects so you can make good decisions about what to do and when.


From attendance policies to workplace safety, your Employee Manual establishes the rights and obligations of those in your organization. Some are mandated by law; others are restricted by law. A generic manual could cause problems if it doesn't accurately document your practices. A well-crafted Employee Manual establishes your employment policies, reflects your actual practices, and provides a consistent guideline for staff and supervisors alike.   


Job applications are a crucial part of the hiring process. Most templates help you avoid asking illegal questions, but are you asking all the legal questions you should be? Depending on the position and your industry, you may be missing opportunities to learn crucial information about your candidates.


Each position in your organization should have a manual that's detailed enough for someone else to walk in and cover that job if needed. However, people who know how to do their jobs may not have the skills to write a training manual about their jobs. Investing in our Training Manual Development will save you time and money when someone is needed to cover that position either for the short term or long term.


Unemployment insurance can be a significant expense. The job description that an employee signed at the time of hire could determine whether unemployment benefits are available if that person is terminated. We'll help you ensure that all your performance expectations are detailed and save you money on unemployment insurance contribution rates. 


From Standard Operating Procedures to Disaster Plans, our experts can help you craft organizational guidelines that will create continuity and prevent issues from turning into problems. 


Discounts are available for referrals, startups and 501(c)3 organizations. 

Documentation Analysis          $300*                                      
Review of existing policies, procedures, forms, and manuals with recommendations for updates and additions.
*Waived if $500 in services procured within 30 days.  

New Document Creation           50¢ per word                         
Word count based on Microsoft Word.

Update existing documents      $150 per hour